Doc Kristy

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Kristy Booker, DVM

God looked down at the wondrous creations that he had just created and he said “I need a caretaker of caretakers”, So God made a Vet.

God said “I need someone to go out, drive miles, be willing and able at all hours of the day to help the fellow ranchers and city folks alike with the animals I have created”.  So God made a Vet.

He said, “I need somebody to help my ranchers heal their livestock, from adjusting the horses and show animals to helping the cows calve and making sure the calves are healthy, along with the dogs and barn cats.  I need someone with big shoulders and thick thighs to manhandle and stand their ground against the stubborn cows and yet gentle enough to heal the calf.  I need someone willing to go beyond their education, to step out of their comfort zone to help the growing 4-H’er and their animals”.

He said, “I need someone to go nonstop with their belly empty to consult the operations of feedlot’s, hog farms, and family operations, do chores back at the clinic and still make it home in time for their youngster’s activities or to cook the family dinner”.   So God made a Vet.

God said, “I need someone knowledgeable enough to heal the livestock and assist the challenge of a cows birth over the phone, or via text, and yet have enough compassion to offer remorse and mean it when things didn’t work out for the best.  He said I need someone strong enough to stand up to the rancher and their spouse when things don’t go right and be able to own and operate their business all the while letting the rancher’s wife put all their burdens on their shoulders”.   So God made a Vet.

God said, “I need someone that can build a business while raising a family.  I need her to be a loving wife and caring mother, a strong mentor and a best friend to those that need it”  So God made Doc Kristy.

Mandy Scott  9/2018