The Adventures of Stanley

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Posted on 06-15-2016

Stanley is on vacation with DeAnn and will be sending us pictures of his travels.  This is Stanley, showing us his family members at the Denver Zoo. 

Hi from Stanley!  River rafting was hard on these rapids for a tiny tyke like me.  Dillon Lake was pretty with the snow behind it.  Had to take a second picture for the view without me.  Busy day, going to nap now.


Had a good time chasing butterflies.  I held Rosie, the big spider and touched a giant cockroach.  The flowers smelled good also.  Such a neat place to see.

Hello.  Busy day.  Mom took me to the top of the world and made me walk in snow.  Hard to see her but that is a momma moose.  Baby was so cute but got behind mm in the water. 


Just beautiful.  A lot of snow at the top.  Went across the Continental Divide.  We also say three bull elk but could not get a picture.


Hi!  Me again!  Went to the aquarium.  Saw mermaids, sea horses, Nemo, Dori and my favorite snack, TUNA.  Great view from the Red Rock Amphitheater.  My little legs would not make it down the steps.  Concert tonight "Lettuce".   Not going, that is for rabbits.


Hey, Stanley here.  Botanic Gardens, fish, flowers and bonsai trees.  Got my own cat grass and nip.


Went to see Footloose at a dinner theater.  Prime rib was very tasty.  Hope everyone enjoyed my adventures.